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Why Google’s Helpful Content Update is Great News for Copywriters

In a nutshell, Google’s Helpful Content Update is committed to rooting out websites that do not provide a quality experience for users and punishing them with a lower ranking. Conversely websites which offer a satisfying experience for users, answering questions, solving problems etc will be rewarded by moving up the rankings. This has been in place since the end of August and is now fully running with Google using Machine Learners (MLs) to review websites daily.

Why is this great news for copywriters? Well, one of the things Google has identified as unhelpful is AI generated copy, it wants content written “by people for people” not ‘black hat tricks’ utilised for the manipulation of Search Engines.

Professionally researched, well written content (by an actual human), regularly uploaded to your website is a sure-fire way of pleasing Google’s latest algorithm. Specialised blog posts created with the audience in mind, position you as the expert you are, drive traffic to your website and loyalty amongst your customer base. AI written content simply cannot compete with the communicated human experience.

This isn’t the end for SEO; it is important to use a copywriter with a good understanding of how search engines work and how to maximise search results, but this should be a natural part of the writing. If you have your audience in mind and their experience as your priority you will be rewarded.

Great news for copywriters everywhere – the human ones.

If I can help with any of your web copy you can contact me (an actual human) here.


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