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How Less Is More In Your Copy

Lessons From A Cardboard Box

It is absolutely, 100% true that, despite thousands of pounds worth of toys, my children love nothing better than a cardboard box.

They use their imaginations and literally fill in the blanks.

Do this with your writing, don’t over explain, allow space for thoughts to circulate your words. Point your clients in the right direction and let them fill in the blanks.

For example;

Let me save you three hours a day. That's more time to spend on emails, cooking, cleaning and spending time with your family.


Let me save you three hours a day.

The first one sounds horribly like a to do list to me, not all our clients are the same and want to spend their extra three hours in the same way.

Worse, this would put me off as I don’t like doing any of those things (just kidding about the last one).

The second one gives your client the space to imagine what they will do with the extra time, now it becomes personal.

No two clients are the same, don't make assumptions about them and what they will do with the extra time or money you save them.

This is especially true for B2B (business to business) writing. Each of your prospective clients have a business unique to them therefore your services may be required for a myriad of reasons, perhaps the extra time your services saves them adds capacity, covers an absence, allows for planning, adds expertise ... the point is, you don't know but they do.

Saying less allows your clients to use their imaginations and fill in the blanks of how you will help with their pain points.

So with your writing remember that other cliché, less is more!

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