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Confessions of a Proofreader

Here are the things I ALWAYS double check because we all have things that just won’t stick.

  1. How to spell onomatopoeia - yes even then

  2. When to use a comma with a subordinating conjunction

  3. What a subordinating conjunction is

  4. How to format tables in word - why Microsoft? Why?

  5. How to change spacing in tables - again, why do you hate me Microsoft?

  6. The differences in punctuating speech in American and UK English when working for my friends and clients across the pond

But here’s the thing, I have tabs open for all these things for quick reference and guess what - that’s my job!

You don’t need to worry about the spellings that just won’t go in or the grammar that has always eluded you.

Use a proofer, say what you want to say and let me worry about fixing any errors. I check so you don’t have to!

PS. Use a comma with a subordinating conjunction when it is needed for clarity only - but you don’t really need to know that, I do!

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